History of the family

(de) Jerphanion.

Haute Loire, France.

In 1995 in the Netherlands I started with an investigation of the origin of the name Jerphanion.
In the archives of The Haque, I found a person with the name:
Etienne Francois Jerphanion.
In 1769 in the Roman Catholic church in the Assendelfstreet in the Haque he married:
Marie Catharina Josepha Isbecque.
She was an inhabitant of a town called Tournai en Brabant (Belgium). The name of that town is Doornik now. Her family was the owner of a farm called La Bruyere and a castle in the hamlet of Molembaix. These properties were sold, after her mother died in 1799.
On the 5th of January 1808 a person called Jacques Francois Jerphanion informed the lokal authorities that his daughter died by birth. He lived with his family in The Haque on the Kalvermarkt Q249. In the Netherlands there are no further dates of this person. Except him, in the Netherlands all the persons with the name Jerphanion are related to the mentioned Etienne Francois. In France, I found that Etienne Francois was born on the 28th of July 1744 in a town in the Haute Loire called Monistrol sur Loire. He died in the same town on the 14 July 1829.
He was one of the sons of Francois Jerphanion and Antoinette Perrin. The family lived in Quartier de Brunelles in Monistrol sur Loire.
The family Jerphanion in Monistrol sur Loire was related to a family Jerphanion, who lived in a town called Saint Maurice de Lignon in the Haute Loire.
As far as I know the family De Jerphanion in France is also related to this family.
There is established that in the year 1180 the name existed in the Haute Loire in France. In the neigbourhood of a town called Mahun a boy was born. He was a member of the race (family) of Jerphanion. They gived him the name Johan. The family lived in that town for 200 years. One of the sons of Johan became knight and baron of Mahun.
After 150 years one of his descendants settled in a hamlet called Loucea. At the foot of the hill (mountain) " De Croix de Barry" the family builded the castle (house) of Jerphanion. It was a strategical place. They choosed it, because from this place they ruled the valley of the Loire. In the 15th century (around 1420) gangs of robbers brought great unrest in the region. Prominent persons decided on actions against the wandered gangs and a war broke out for 5 years. Michel Jerphanion joined the troups of Mauburg. The properties of the family in Loucea were distroyed by the enemy. Michel Jerphanion was the father of Barthelemy Jerphanion. He was born around 1450. In 1527 he was the owner of several estates in the hamlets Loucea and Gerphagnon or Jerphanion.
Members of the family lived in well known towns such as Mahun, Puy, Saint Maurice de Lignon, Monistrol sur Loire, Saint Didier en Velay, Basse, Yssingeaux in the Haute Loire.
In the year 1760 Bruno Jerphanion left the Haute Loire and went to the town of Mereau in de middle of France, where he became a farmer. In France during the administration of Napoleon the registration service was established. The townhalls were ordered to give all the inhabitants a familyname and often the well known phonetic names were used. The descendants of the mentioned Bruno lost the original name and other names arised such as Jarphagnon, Jerphagnon, Gerphagnon, Gerfagnon, Gerphaignon en Gerfaignon. Mentioned names still exists in France.
In the year 1998 and 2000 I visited several (notarial) archives in Monistrol sur Loire, Saint Maurice de Lignon and Saint didier en Velay and I found a lot of information about members of the family Jerphanion.
I also found a family Jerphanion who still lives in a town called Champagne in the Ardeche. In 1634  in mentioned town Pierre Jerphanion married Catherine Octru. He is the grounder of this familybranche. 
In France I came in contact with members of the family Jarphagnon and Gerphagnon.
I have a lot of information about the family in the Netherlands and France.
I am intrested in the information who can make the familytree complete. ((christian)names, dates en places of birth, marriage and death).
If your are related to this family and if you want to be so kind to give me your information you can contact me on the following Emailadres adama33@hotmail.com The Netherlands.